Geodesy and Cartography

For several decades, OPGK Rzeszów has been implementing the most ambitious geodetic projects in Poland and abroad.


  • Updating and verification of databases of topographic objects (BDOT10k).

  • Modification of the geometry and attributes of objects based on various source materials such as orthophoto maps, aerial photos, field intelligence materials, NMT, EGiB, PRG, PRNG, MPHP, and other public registers.

  • Maintaining the reference of BDOT10k database objects with source data.

  • Unification and ordering of attribute values ​​and entries in the BDOT10k database.

  • Control and reconciliation of spatial and geometric relationships between classes of BDOT10k objects to ensure consistency and topological correctness of spatial data sets.

  • Carrying out a field interview with the required documentation.

  • Control and reconciliation of contacts between BDOT10k data sets.

  • Control of studies in terms of content-related, attribute geometric, topological, and spatial compliance with reporting of detected errors.

  • Spatial analyzes were performed on the objects of the BDOT10k database.

  • Save modified BDOT10k data sets in the GML format following the applicable application scheme or another format that enables the storage of geospatial data, e.g. * .MDB, *.SHP, *.GDB.

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