Geodesy and Cartography

For several decades, OPGK Rzeszów has been implementing the most ambitious geodetic projects not only in Poland but also abroad.

We guarantee high quality of offered services and products!

OPGK Rzeszów Inc. has been one of the leaders in the geodetic and cartographic industry for many years. Our team consists of a group of experts in their field - people with knowledge, education, and experience gathered during many years of work. Each project is carried out with the utmost care and attention to the quality of services. This is confirmed by satisfied customers for whom we have carried out the tasks entrusted to us.

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OPGK Rzeszów Inc. performs works in the field of broadly understood geodesy and cartography, including data acquisition by direct measurements in the field using its equipment and tools, data acquisition as a result of calculations and analyzes, data processing and updating (both graphical and descriptive) entrusted as part of the orders, design, and implementation of geodetic networks, map preparation, investment geodetic service, as-built inventory, construction of geospatial databases using geoinformatics technologies, database updates, supervision over the implementation of works and others.

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Spatial data sets of the spatial
information infrastructure

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Surveying warp

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Principal map

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Records of land,
buildings and premises

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Topographic map
on a scale of 1:10,000

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Other geospatial databases

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Digitization of analog
geodetic and cartographic assets

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Road and rail services, and infrastructure for the network of communication routes

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Spatial Information Systems

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Geodetic service
of construction investments

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with the use of a drone

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and analog maps

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Processing of point clouds
obtained with the LIDAR technique

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Numerical Terrain Model

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Controls, monitoring, supervision
over the performance of works

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Conducting thematic training

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Orders in the field of geodesy and cartography are carried out by the Department of Geodesy and Spatial Information Systems, separated in the company's organizational structure. As part of ZGiSIP, there are laboratories specialized in the performance of specific tasks. Services requiring IT and programming support are provided with the participation of the IT Department.

Depending on the needs and complexity of the study that is undertaken, we can carry out the obtained orders on our own, organizing work teams based on the employees of individual laboratories, as well as based on cooperation of specialists between laboratories or plants operating within the company's structure. Large orders, requiring the involvement of extensive executive teams with special qualifications, can be realized by establishing cooperation with other surveying or IT companies.

On the market of performance in the field of geodetic, cartographic, and geoinformatics works, OPGK Rzeszów Inc. acts both as an entity entrusting the subcontracting of realized orders, and as a subcontractor.


In our operations, we use modern hardware and software assets.


  • Electronic and robotic stations.

  • Technical and precise levels.

  • GNSS receivers with dedicated software.

  • Drone (UAV) and photogrammetric cameras.

  • Well-equipped computer stations.

  • Photogrammetric stations.

  • Large format scanners.

  • Large format plotters.

  • Productive multifunction devices for copying and printing.

In addition, we have our own fleet of vehicles used in the implementation of field work, transport of materials and handling contacts with customers.


We use geoinformatics systems and software packages from leading commercial producers, as well as OpenSource systems, our proprietary applications operating independently, as well as proprietary applications operating based on software environments of other manufacturers. To improve the performance of works or increase production efficiency, we create or order specialized applications with defined functionality tailored to specific needs. We strive for maximum automation when performing typical activities in data processing and database systems operation.

Types and features of the software:
  • Software designed to perform geodetic calculations.

  • Systems for editing, verification and conversion of graphic and attribute data.

  • Systems for geospatial analyzes.

  • Programs for editing vector, raster, and descriptive data.

  • Systems for cartographic visualization and creating 2D and 3D studies.

  • Software for the development and presentation of results.

  • Data validation software.

  • Office software.

Recipients of our services and publications:
  • Main Office of Geodesy and Cartography.

  • Provincial Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation Centers.

  • County Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation Centers.

  • General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

  • Provincial Road Boards.

  • Poviat Road Boards.

  • Voivodeships.

  • Counties.

  • Municipalities.

  • Cities.

  • Entities managing the transmission of utilities (water supply, sewage, gas, electricity and others).

  • National forests.

  • Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.

  • Army.

  • Construction companies.

  • Road and rail infrastructure construction and maintenance companies.

  • Enterprises building media transmission infrastructure.

  • Railway sector entities.

  • Mines (opencast).

  • Other entities.

Why is it worth using our services?


We have been providing services at a high level for years. We are a company with many years of experience in the industry, which translates into the knowledge of the specifics of the work performed and the quality of the performance of each task.


Years of experience in the geodetic industry and the training of our staff mean that we offer professional services using proven technology solutions and innovative methods at the stage of measurements and results preparation. A professional approach to the entrusted task brings the best results and customer satisfaction.


Ongoing supervision throughout work, as well as stage and final inspections, resulting in products that meet the requirements and expectations of clients. The work is performed under the supervision of experienced management staff.


Our work is characterized by precision and meticulous approach to each stage of work. Having high-quality equipment as well as specialist knowledge allow you to obtain the expected measurement results.

Tailored offer

We analyze each order in terms of requirements, and if necessary, we consult with the client and thoroughly discuss the scope of work. This allows you to identify and allocate the necessary resources and meet expectations.

Constant contact

We are at the customer's disposal all the time during the performance of individual stages of work. We inform our clients about the progress of the contract and clarify the issues that require additional clarification.

During our long-term activity, we have realized numerous orders with a high degree of complexity or with special technical and organizational requirements.

Sample projects

  • Modernization of detailed geodetic networks for poviats, communes and cities

  • Comprehensive modernization of land, building and premises records

  • Comprehensive geodetic service for the construction of high-pressure gas transmission lines

  • Implementation of a GIS class network asset management system for the Kolbuszowa Commune

  • Works related to the maintenance of the marking of the state border (Polish-Slovak, Polish-Czech, Polish-Ukrainian)

  • Adaptation of databases to comply with the applicable K-GESUT data model - for GUGiK

  • Implementation of a GIS class network asset management system for the Kolbuszowa Commune

  • Supplementing the GIS database in terms of sewage network facilities and water supply connections for MPWiK Warsaw

  • And other.

Selected examples of works carried out in the history of OPGK Rzeszów