Geodesy and Cartography

For several decades, OPGK Rzeszów has been implementing the most ambitious geodetic projects in Poland and abroad.


  • Establishing or updating BDOT500 databases on the basis of documentation in the state geodetic and cartographic resources, screen digitization of the master map and other source materials required by law.

  • Analyzes of PZGiK materials in terms of suitability and use when creating / updating the BDOT500 database.

  • Conversion of data and situational and altitude details carried out according to the previously applicable regulations into a database form.

  • Adaptation of BDOT500 data to compliance with the applicable conceptual model.

  • Supplementing the BDOT500 database with missing information contained in the technical reports included in the PZGiK.

  • Modification of BDOT500 database objects in order to obtain attribute, geometric, topological and spatial correctness.

  • Converting the ordinates of BDO500 data set objects to the applicable elevation system.

  • Possibility of processing data in the formats of native ICT systems functioning in poviat starosty offices and recording the results of work in the form of GML files in accordance with the applicable application scheme.

  • Harmonization of BDOT500 database objects with other databases included in the master map.

  • Control and reconciliation of contacts between BDOT500 data sets.

  • Control of studies in terms of content-related, attribute, geometric, topological and spatial compliance with reporting of detected errors.

  • Create batch files.

  • Feeding the production database BDOT500 with the results of work.

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