Geodesy and Cartography

For several decades, OPGK Rzeszów has been implementing the most ambitious geodetic projects in Poland and abroad.

Services with the use of a drone, studies based on data obtained with the use of a drone

  • Acquisition of measurement data using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) - eBee X airframe.

  • Oblique photos with the use of the photogrammetric SODA 3D camera - the camera takes three images simultaneously (2 oblique, 1 nadir), which provides a much wider field of view, and thus greater access to the ground floor of covered and roofed buildings.

  • Orthogonal photos using the senseFly Aeria X photogrammetric camera.

  • Data and studies related to the geodetic service of the construction of transmission networks (e.g. gas, electricity, pipelines).

  • Processing the obtained data using specialized data processing programs and obtaining the expected products (3D models, orthophoto map, models of architectural objects in vector form, contour maps, thematic maps).

  • Determining the cubic capacity of building objects.

  • Calculation of cubature or monitoring of changes in the cubic capacity of heaps, landfills.

  • Monitoring of the output (e.g. in aggregate mines).

  • Documenting changes in the field at given time intervals.

  • Documenting the progress of earthworks, construction works, engineering structures (e.g. bridges).

  • Possibility of acquiring image data from places with unfavorable conditions for humans.

  • Creating static visualizations or animations based on processed measurement data.

  • Quality control of the obtained data in terms of geometric correctness.

  • Other.

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