Geodesy and Cartography

For several decades, OPGK Rzeszów has been implementing the most ambitious geodetic projects in Poland and abroad.

Spatial data sets of the spatial information infrastructure used or developed under the performed orders

  • EGiB - Land and building register (real estate cadastre).

  • GESUT - Geodetic record of utility networks.

  • PRG - State register of borders and areas of units of territorial division of the country.

  • State register of basic geodetic, gravimetric and magnetic networks.

  • BDSOG - Databases of detailed geodetic networks.

  • BDOT500 - Databases of topographic objects with detail ensuring the creation of standard cartographic studies on the scales 1: 500–1: 5000.

  • EMUiA - Records of towns, streets, and addresses.

  • Orthophotomap.

  • NMT - Numerical terrain model.

  • PRNG - State register of geographical names.

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