Geodesy and Cartography

For several decades, OPGK Rzeszów has been implementing the most ambitious geodetic projects in Poland and abroad.

Topographic map on a scale of 1: 10,000

  • Development of digital sheets of a topographic map in a scale of 1: 10,000 based on BDOT10k, PRG, PRNG, NMT and other data.

  • Development of a generalized numerical model of the terrain relief.

  • Automatic generation of contour lines based on DTM.

  • Development of Karto class objects related to the topography (cartographic development of the topography model).

  • Development of the terrain relief using the shading method.

  • Visualization of objects of the BDOT10k base and relief objects in accordance with applicable law.

  • Development and editing of descriptions concerning: names, abbreviations, numbers and explanatory descriptions.

  • Editing of sheets of the topographic map in the scale 1: 10,000 with frame, legend, and non-frame descriptions.

  • Control and reconciliation of contacts between the sheets of the topographic map.

  • Control of studies in terms of content-related, attribute geometric, topological, and spatial compliance with reporting of detected errors.

  • Digital recording of topographic map sheets in * .PDF, * .TIF or other formations.

  • Plotter printout of topographic map sheets.

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