What are numerical maps and what are they used for?

22.10.2022 12:20 AM
What are numerical maps and what are they used for?

Modern technologies have revolutionized almost all areas of life and the functioning of society, including sectors such as cartography and map analysis. In the past, they were created by hand, and now they are created on computers using the latest information technology. What are numerial maps? Where are they used?

What are numerical maps?

Numerical maps are the most commonly prepared geodetic maps in digital form. The purpose of their creation is to visualize geographic data along with posting topological information and geographic features of a given area. Because numerical maps are digital maps, their advantage is quick and uncomplicated updating. They make it possible to link graphical and descriptive data in individual layers and create an extensive set of data on the checked area. Numerical maps are divided into:

  • Rast - they are created as a result of scanning analog maps or by dividing a given area with the use of a grid of regular shapes. By combining a given "mesh" with a value, for example, a color, it is possible to obtain an accurate image of the terrain.
  • Vector - their structure is based on layers, and each point of the layer is defined using the x and y coordinates.

What are numerical maps used for?

Numerical maps contain data on various types of invariant dependencies that define the objects located on them. They are the main element of the Spatial Information System (SIP). The juxtaposition of descriptive and graphic data enables the registration of a given area with the help of an image that will contain precise information of a different nature. What's more, numerical maps can be easily updated and instantly published online. Due to technological development, they are also increasingly used in various industries.

What services in the field of numerical maps are offered in the Subcarpathia region?

The scope of geodetic and cartographic services in the Subcarpathia region is very wide. OPGK Rzeszów, a company with over 60 years of experience in the geodetic industry in the field of numerical maps, offers, among others:

  • Situational and height map with underground utilities.
  • Maps for legal and judicial purposes.
  • Maps for opinion-making purposes.
  • Numerical 2D and 3D maps for design purposes.
  • Analog maps for design purposes.
  • Overview maps.
  • Preparation and updating of hybrid maps.
  • Sozological maps.
  • Hydrographic maps.
  • Soil and agricultural maps.

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