What is LIDAR and where is it used?

8.10.2022 12:42 AM
What is LIDAR and where is it used?

One of the most useful toolsused in geodesy is the LIDAR technological solution. It is an advanced solutionthat is used both in geodesy and cartography for geological measurements andearth image analysis, but also in services, business and mobile phones. Whatexactly is LIDAR? Where is this technology used?

What is LIDAR

LIDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is one of the most modern systems that is used to map and scan space in three dimensions using a laser beam. The distances between the measured objects are determined on the basis of changes in the wavelengths emitted by the laser and the differences in the return time of the beam. After taking the measurements, a 3D model of the terrain is created. LIDAR allows not only to determine the distance from an object but also its speed, appearance, and size.

What is LIDAR technology used for?

LIDAR technology helps mapping specialists to study both the natural environment and the world generated by human activity. With this method, it is possible to create highly detailed coastline maps, and digital elevation models in geographic information programs, and support emergency response operations. What's more, LIDAR scanning can be used to implement projects on hard-to-reach plots of a specific shape, to designate channels and embankments, build roads and mark the course of pipelines.

Another example of the LIDAR technology is in the agricultural sector, where terrain scanning is used to study yield growth and the efficiency of cultivation to improve the efficiency of plant breeding. The case is similar to the case of the forestry sector, where this method helps in mapping wooded areas.

Interestingly, LIDAR technology is also used in smartphones to improve the operation of one of the camera's functions, which is autofocus, and the AR application along with all games produced in this technology available on phones.

On the other hand, in aviation, topographic and bathymetric LIDARS are placed on airplanes and helicopters to obtain data on specific areas. The topographic LIDAR uses a near-infrared laser for detailed terrain mapping, and the bathymetric uses green light penetrating the water to measure the height of the seabed and river bed.

What LIDAR technology services are offered in Subcarpathian region?

The scope of geodetic and cartographic services in Subcarpathian region is very wide. OPGK Rzeszów, a company with over 60 years of experience in the geodetic industry, offers:

  • Processing of point clouds obtained using the LIDAR technique.
  • Filtering and removing noise.
  • Grading of points.
  • 3D modeling based on a point cloud.
  • Geospatial analysis.
  • 3D visualizations.

LIDAR scanning effects are used by constructors, architects, and people associated with spatial planning. OPGK Rzeszów provides this type of professional and proven solution. Check also what other services are offered in the Subcarpathian region in the field of geodesy and cartography.