OPGK Rzeszów at the 6th GPS Uni-Biznes Forum

2.8.2022 3:34 AM
OPGK Rzeszów at the 6th GPS Uni-Biznes Forum

On December 10, the VI Uni-Biznes GPS Forum took place at the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering of AGH in Krakow. It was the sixth edition of the event, during which representatives of geodesy companies, research clubs, and geodesy students met. OPGK Rzeszów appointed its representatives who proudly represented the entire company.

What was the forum about?

The 6th Uni-Biznes GPS Forum aimed to integrate talented and ambitious students who participate in research clubs daily with potential employers operating in the geodetic, geoinformatics, and geodesic industries. The forum consisted of three stages, which made it possible to present the achievements and research trends in academic units and indicated the directions of the companies' development.

  1. Presentation session - it was conducted based on competition, and students had the opportunity to present their papers together with the discussion of research works in front of all participants.
  1. Lecture session - it allowed entrepreneurs to discuss the activities of companies, familiarize students with technologies and solutions, and present opportunities and threats in the current markets.
  1. Discussion panel - it was a time when participants had the opportunity to exchange comments and observations with both other students and entrepreneurs. Company representatives were asked questions such as:
  • •How do they encourage students to work?
  • •What are the main advantages of their businesses?
  • •How do they adapt jobs to the prevailing pandemic?

Who was the winner?

At the end of the conference, there was an official award ceremony for the best papers. The first place was taken by Małgorzata Zontek, who gave a presentation entitled "Visualization of mountain trails using geoinformatics tools". The second place was taken by Małgorzata Chmolowska and Aleksander Kulbacki, who discussed in detail the topic "Technical aspects and application of measurements with a 360º camera". The prize for third place went to Maciej Lipski and Łukasz Łobko, who presented a paper entitled "The design of the hydrostatic leveler supported by the Raspberry Pi minicomputer". OPGK Rzeszów had the opportunity to meet many promising young specialists in the field of geodesy, who may join the ranks of the company in the future!