What is the modernization of land records?

23.9.2022 11:32 PM
What is the modernization of land records?

Many sectors use data from land and building records in their activities. This is primarily about real estate management, land and mortgage registers, statistics, and farm records. What does the term modernization mean? What does the surveyor's activity look like in this process?

What is the land and building register?

In Poland, the register of land and buildings is kept in the Internet system by 380 units, and the starosts are responsible for its correctness and timeliness. The information collected in the EGiB is the basic reference data for the presentation of objects collected in spatial databases. All matters relating to records are regulated by two legal acts - one of them is the "Geodetic and Cartographic Law", and the other is the ordinance of the Minister of Regional Development and Construction on land and building records.

The first of the above-mentioned documents contains constantly updated data on the location, purpose, and utility functions of land, buildings, and premises. Moreover, the EGiB also publishes information on property owners, entries in the register of monuments, lease contracts, and the cadastral value of buildings and premises.

What is modernization?

The modernization of records is a multi-stage technical process that covers all organizational and administrative activities. The modernization tasks include office and fieldwork, the purpose of which is to constantly update information about buildings, land, and premises. The consequences of these actions may be a change in the area of plots and landmarking disclosure or deletion of buildings, or modification of the technical data of the premises. The starost is responsible for the entire modernization procedure, while the contractor is a surveying company selected in the tender, such as OPGK Rzeszów. Importantly, real estate owners who are involved in the modernization of records do not pay any fees for them.

What services under EGiB are offered in Subcarpathian Province?

The scope of geodetic and cartographic services in Subcarpathian Province is very wide. OPGK Rzeszów, a company with over 60 years of experience in the geodetic industry, offers, among others:

  • Data update and periodic verification of the EGiB databases.
  • Examination of land and mortgage registers.
  • Division and consolidation of plots.
  • Preparation of data on-premises.
  • The boundaries of real estate and setting their boundaries.
  • Soil science classification of land.
  • Update of RCiWN data.
  • Development of databases of classification contours and land use.
  • Adaptation of EGiB data to the current regulations.
  • Break the page.
  • Generating record maps based on technical standards.

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