Surveying services in Podkarpacie region

2.8.2022 3:34 AM
Surveying services in Podkarpacie region

Surveying is a field that accompanies us at every step of our daily life. The scope of geodetic services in Podkarpacie includes not only the delineation of plots and supervision of construction, including both single-family houses and large halls or blocks of flats but also the operation of land utilities and connections. What exactly is the scope of geodetic services offered in Rzeszów?

How is the organization of geodetic structures in Poland?

In the field of geodesy, the most important office in Poland is the Main Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGIK), and the act that regulates the organization of the geodetic service is the Act "Geodetic and Cartographic Law" of 1989. The most important assumption of GUGIK is to provide all citizens with fast, effective, and competent service in the area of ​​surveying activities.

The Geodetic and Cartographic Service in Poland is divided into two bodies: geodetic and cartographic supervision and geodetic administration. The first division is the Chief Surveyor of the Country Alicja Kulka, who, with the help of GUGIK, supervises, among others implementation of the state policy in the field of geodesy and cartography and performs the function of a higher level of authority. In turn, the geodetic administration division includes voivodship marshals who fulfill their duties with the help of a voivodship surveyor and starosts, who are assisted by a district geodesist.

The tasks of the Geodetic and Cartographic Service include:

  • Implementation of state policy in the field of geodesy and cartography.
  • Control of offices, public institutions, and entrepreneurs.
  • Organizing and financing geodetic and cartographic works.
  • Making topographic maps of the country and the basic map.
  • Keeping the state register of borders and areas of territorial units of the country.

In Rzeszów, the geodetic administration unit for the real estate is the Grodzki Geodetic Documentation Center. In turn, in the case of real estate located within the Rzeszów poviat, the relevant unit is the Poviat Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation Center.

What geodetic services are offered in Rzeszów?

The implementation of geodetic services in Rzeszów requires appropriate permissions and qualifications. To become a surveyor, you must have both special education and practical experience. In Podkarpacie, geodetic services include:

OPGK Rzeszów is a company that for many years has been offering a wide range of geodetic and cartographic services carried out with attention to the highest quality. The offer includes activities in the areas of:

All the above-mentioned geodetic services are performed with the use of modern equipment and technologies. The company is distinguished by many years of experience, professionalism, and quality. Geodetic services are provided not only in Podkarpacie but also throughout Poland and abroad.